Envision a Natural Solution


the Unseen

We go to the extreme to discover and isolate what no one can see. Hidden bacteria that solve today’s greatest challenges.

How We Do It

  • Clean Waterways

  • Better Crops

  • Less Pollution

  • Healthier Lives


of global consumers believe natural products are better for them


of consumers have boycotted companies as a result of those organizations’ actions


of consumers expect companies to take action against climate change


boost in employee productivity at companies that follow green practices


increase in investments in commercial global sustainability since 2004


of emissions can be cut by 2030 by businesses alone

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Go Green. Make Green.

Your Partner from Selection to Shelf

Our services don’t typically stop with selecting the right strain for your needs. But they can. It doesn’t have to end with us guiding you through the benefits of microorganisms in your new applications or helping you discover what else is possible, though it could. Our partnership can continue through each step of the global regulatory hoops we navigate together – and right on to the next new project. Whatever your individual needs, we can meet them.

Our Services

  • Product Analysis & Development

  • Education & Training

  • Regulatory Support

Superior, longer-lasting products are made possible with the right processes and the right partner. We call this the Enverament.

See Why

Foresight. Discovery. Partnership. Foresight. Discovery. Partnership. Foresight. Discovery. Partnership. Foresight. Discovery. Partnership.

Future Focused.
Ancient Solutions.

We were founded on the belief that there is a better way. To eat. To live. To thrive. Since the beginning of time, microorganisms have been doing the work to keep our air, water, food, and bodies clean and running smooth – and it’s time to unlock a better future with them. One that is natural, sustainable, and effective.

Discovering and utilizing the power of bacteria and enzymes for our partners around the world is our greatest mission, our biggest obsession, and our deepest expertise.

Who We Are