Custom Fermentation

Efficient, scalable production of microbial biomass and metabolites requires finely tuned processes and painstaking attention to growth conditions. Envera technologies allow you to maximize microbial output at industrial scale.

Optimal Production of Microbes, Spores, and Metabolites

For each strain, we identify requirements for carbon and nitrogen sources, micronutrients, pH, temperature, fermentation time, aeration levels, and more.

Strains That Thrive

Custom Process Solutions at Every Stage

Envera’s fermentation specialists optimize growth conditions and downstream process parameters for large scale production. Centrifugation, spray drying, and other harvesting methods are thoroughly tested to meet product specifications.

Partners in R&D

Opportunities for
Industrial Fermentation

Scalable Production
Analytical Lab Testing
Multi-phase QC Systems
Advanced fermentation for a growing world means scaling up production of microbial products by carefully crafting and controlling processes. Fine-tune fermentation step-by-step with our experienced team and multi-phased quality control systems.