The industrial age has brought with it incredible inventions and improved quality of life. Yet it has also polluted soil and waterways with petroleum by-products and toxic materials. Modern problems such as these need ancient solutions – ones that are sustainable and more cost-effective than chemical or mechanical methods.

Micro Solutions

Industrial spills are extremely challenging remediation projects. Petroleum and its by-products can take a long time to degrade if left untreated – and we simply cannot leave them on their own. In recent years, there has been a growing understanding of, and interest in, the use of microbes to improve or replace chemical and mechanical options.

Macro Clean Up

Envera has developed a solution that takes the entire system into consideration, investigating nutrient profiles, pH levels, temperature, and oxygen levels to create the best blend of microorganisms. Because of this, Envera bioremediation cultures excel in hazardous conditions and are proven to clean up contaminated waterways and soils – efficiently and naturally.


Custom Bioremediation Solutions

Clean Up Oil Spills Naturally
Degrade Petroleum and By-Products
Treat Contaminated Soils Without Removal or Incineration

Oil Spills Have Met Their Match

In field tests, water treated with Envera’s Hydrocarbon Treatment showed significantly increased petroleum degradation and reduced aromatic hydrocarbon contamination versus untreated control samples.

Selection Process

Petroleum Degradation by Envera’s Bacteria

Reduction of Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Envera’s Bacteria

Our team of industry-leading experts have deep experience in bioremediation to clean up complex industrial spills, using proven microbial solutions that physically digest petroleum by-products and other toxic materials for faster, better results. Realize the full potential of bioremediation with Envera.