Bacteria Solve Today’s Issues, So We Give Them a Fighting Chance

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  • Bacteria Solve Today’s Issues, So We Give Them a Fighting Chance

Some of the toughest, messiest challenges can be solved with the smallest organisms. And fewer chemicals.

That’s why Envera scours the world to isolate bacterial cultures adapted to an expansive range of environments and conditions.

Our scientists at Envera create biological products from bacteria to solve real-world problems—contamination, unsustainable fuels, food shortages, and disease. The possibilities are almost limitless because of the number of different kinds of bacteria found in nature. Bacteria found at the bottom of high-pressure oceans have different attributes than bacteria from hot and arid deserts. They’ve adapted to their environment to survive, even in harsh pH and temperature conditions.

Many markets benefit from the small impressive organism:

Isolating Strains to Study and Use   

Developing effective products for custom applications begins with isolation, characterization, and identification of the bacteria we find. Our scientists collect samples from soils, waste, animal guts, and plant roots to build our culture collection.  
However, samples contain many kinds of bacteria. In the lab, we physically isolate a single bacterium with the desired attributes so we can properly test and use them. Our scientists use genetic sequencing and single-cell genomics in addition to traditional microbiological techniques like heat shock, pour plate, streak plate, microscopy, and morphological selection.  

Storage and Further Testing

We cryopreserve the isolated strain of bacteria to maintain function and structural integrity. Isolates are stored in a -80C° freezer to ensure a long storage time without biological mutation. Even after the strain is isolated, we continue testing to find growing preferences, enzymes, environmental metabolites (how the bacteria respond to stress), and all physiological characteristics. 

Large Bacteria Collections

Our culture collection currently has over 5,000 isolated strains. We cultivate that many so we can choose the perfect ones for your product or solution. When we know each strain deeply, we can use a systematic approach to give you the most effective products. 
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