Improved Process Control Through Collaboration

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“Building out this facility has been a massive undertaking and we couldn’t be more proud and happy with the work our teams have done together.”

Eric Jorgenson, Fermentation Manager at Envera

Together with ACE we have commissioned, upgraded, and integrated every piece of equipment in our fermentation facility into a single unified process automation system.

Everything shown in this video our Fermentation team either designed from scratch or rebuilt, and all the automation is custom-built by Applied Control Engineering, Inc., a Siemens Solution Partner. This custom-built automation has decreased the time from R&D to production and greatly improved our product yield. The level of control, insight, flexibility, and reliability we have over our process is a world apart from where we started four years ago.

We are incredibly thankful to ACE for their hard work and dedication to the success of this project. They are experts in their craft, and it was a pleasure to work alongside them.

This is an amazing story of two teams coming together to solve problems and deliver the best solutions possible. The end result provides immeasurable efficiency improvement possibilities which then open the door for us to push the limits of growth and innovation.

To say we are excited for the future is an understatement!