How Industrial-Scale Fermentation Comes to Life

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When it comes to industrial-scale fermentation, we’ve seen it all. From selection to spray dry, Envera understands the direct relationship between scalable production, optimal growth conditions, and quality.

Our entire strain development process is centered around one crucial thing: bacterial growth. Through fermentation, we nurture bacterial growth for large-scale production. But the process begins long before that. Through rigorous testing, we pinpoint a strain’s ideal growing conditions so that the end product has the best yield, quality, and overall value. 

Finding the Strain in Nature 

Our lines have an adventurous beginning, with our scientists wading in a cold-water stream or slogging through an oil-spill field to collect samples. After isolating the strain, we test if it’s a spore former, has any valuable characteristics, and see if it could be successful at the commercial scale.  

Relentless Questioning and Testing  

We have decades of experience in the fermentation of spore-forming bacteria, but we still relentlessly question our data to isolate ideal strains. Our experience sharpens our instincts, but we always follow up with thorough research. We examine strains from a variety of standpoints. Our cross-departmental approach means everyone approaches testing from their own specialties, and the resulting strain is stronger for it. 

Research and Development  

Our Research and Development Department performs small-volume testing to find the best conditions for the strain to grow. Historically we have documented trends in the successful growth parameters needed for a particular species. This gives us a strong foundation to work on, but there will always be outlier strains that need special care.  
As Research and Development identifies the strain’s needs, they increase the testing volume until they find success in several liters before passing the strain to the Fermentation Department.

The Fermentation Department Preps Strains for Production  

Strains can act differently when grown at industrial scales compared to smaller flasks. At this stage, the Fermentation Department further dials in the ideal growth parameters for a specific strain using sophisticated bioreactors that have complete control over the growing environment. We diligently monitor the entire fermentation process so we can adjust as needed. 
At the end of this process, we can assure the maximum output and best economic value at a commercial scale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our process or to see if we’d be a good fit to develop your natural product line.