Envera Celebrates 20 years!

As we celebrate 20 years of Envisioning Natural Solutions, it’s only fitting to look back at our history and remember the milestone moments leading to our success.

Here is our story.

Envera was founded on the idea of reducing the presence of harsh chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, and pesticides on our planet by use of Earth-conscious microorganisms. With vast experience in the bioscience industry, Michael L. Matheny saw a need for an innovative, bioscience-based company that focuses on the needs of the client. In 2004 while living in Mequon, Wisconsin, Mike created Envera; a company to supply the world with Scientific Solutions for the Environmental Era. The clever name was soon followed by the Envera logo, created to express its personality which reflects a fresh, innovative, knowledgeable, and approachable industrial microbiology company.

With the creation of the company, Mike began growing bacteria in his basement and blending products in his garage for the Southeast Asian aquaculture market. After having quickly expanded into additional markets, in 2006 Envera moved from Wisconsin to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, where the business rented space from a company called Lambert Spawn. Shortly after, Envera hired its first employee in 2007, increasing the workforce from one to two. Sales nearly doubled in 2011, leaving Envera with the need for its own location. That same year, six employees strong at the time, the company moved to its current facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania. This 43,000 square-foot facility was refurbished and outfitted with modern research and development laboratories, dedicated fermentation capabilities, downstream processing, and administrative offices, thus permitting Envera to strengthen its global presence.

Constantly pursuing the goal of expanding worldwide access to Earth-friendly solutions, in 2015 Envera first approached a potential client in the Animal Probiotics market: Lesaffre. In 2017, after realizing the synergies between the two enterprises, an agreement was struck for Lesaffre to purchase the majority interest of Envera, along with its 22 employees. In 2023 the full acquisition of Envera by Lesaffre was completed. Lesaffre, a family-owned fermentation company founded in 1853, comprised of over 10,000 worldwide employees, and based in the north of France, purchased Envera to further its pursuit of being the world’s foremost expert in fermentation. The acquisition enabled rapid expansion and forward momentum for Envera as a company.

Today, Envera continues to be known as a world class expert in the field of industrial microbiology. The organization combines cutting edge technology with personalized customer service to form a collaborative relationship with the customer. Envera works to become the customer’s total biological resource, aiding in the areas of strain selection, product development, quality assurance, technical service, regulatory, and sales and marketing support. This passionate and ceaseless work allows Envera to continually reach its inceptive goal of supplying the world with environmentally responsible products.